UOBU-solar: Why You Must Consider Going Solar?

U-Solar is a service that caters to both companies and consumers. Save money on your power bill while also helping the planet, all for little or no money up advance!Changing to solar is straightforward with UOB’s U-Solar plan. Solar suppliers will manage the installation procedure, including upkeep, at no additional cost.

How Would U-Solar Help Going Solar Increasingly Appealing?

Electronic gadgets and gadgets are growing more common in today’s homes, culminating in increased power use. As a result, power rates will rise, and the carbon footprint will grow.UOB has teamed up alongside SolarPV Exchange, a well-known solar system designer, to solve these concerns to launch U-Solar, its newest green project. What exactly could it be, and how will it function? U-Solar is the scheme that offers uob u-solar Credit Cardmembers who want to deploy SolarPVExchange SolarPV installations in their houses an interest-free financing plan.

SolarPVExchange clients had to submit a single downpayment before to U-Solar. Using U-Solar, every UOB Bank Card customer may now purchase solar PV installation monthly for 36 months at zero charges. When you add solar modules, you not only need to spend a considerable amount in advance. And don’t worry, there aren’t any concealed or extra fees when you impose for U-Solar.

Furthermore, investing in a solar installation can assist you in conserving cash in the lengthy RUN. To begin with, a solar panel will cut your monthly power cost by reducing the quantity of energy you consume. Because you’ll be utilizing the solar power produced by your solar frames to operate your gadgets and equipment throughout the day, you’ll be consuming less electricity from the power network.