Reasons Why Does Comal Pan Used in Mexican Cooking

A comal is a pan of sorts that is utilized for cooking an assortment of things. It is made of cast iron and is extremely weighty. Whenever you cook with it, you do not move it by any stretch of the imagination, as you could with a wok or a normal light-weight pan. It can come in round shapes or in longer, elliptical shapes. You can even find enormous assortments that will fit north of two burners on a stovetop. The comal has a somewhat unpleasant surface dissimilar to a non-stick or stainless steel pan.

  • When to Use a Comal

A comal is ideally suited for grilling carne aside red meats and vegetables. The comal adds flavor to anything you are cooking, while its non-stick partners offer no extra flavors. It is additionally the utensil of choice for cooking tortillas on. You can likewise utilize one to reheat tortillas too rapidly. A comal is adaptable in light of the fact that you can utilize it on the stove, in the oven or even on a barbecue. Simply be cautious since they get exceptionally hot and you should utilize a kitchen cloth or potholders assuming that you want to move it during the cooking system.

  • Set up the Comal

Whenever you get a new comal, you do not have any desire to utilize it without seasoning it first. Seasoning is exceptionally basic, first you need to completely wash the pan with warm foamy water and dry it. Then gently cover the pan with vegetable oil or shortening, it will forestall the comal from developing rust spots assuming that it interacts with water. Place the comal in a hot oven, something like 350 F and heat it for 60 minutes.

  • Cleaning and Care of a Comal

Never put a comal in the dishwasher. In the wake of cooking with comal pan, basically wipe down the surface with a cloth or a wipe. Utilize a spatula to scratch off any abundance food. In the event that fundamental, wash the comal in warm sudsy water, yet make a point to completely dry it quickly to forestall rust. Each once in for a spell, rubs oil on a superficial level to keep it very much prepared. The more you utilize a comal, the more flavor it will give to your food, so use it often. Let the comal change temperatures gradually. Do not uncover a hot comal to cold temperatures like virus water, until it has cooled all alone. Assuming it does foster a break, disposing of it is best. Assuming that it gets corroded, scour it with steel fleece until the rust is taken out, rinse completely and repeat seasoning instructions above.

  • Where to get a Comal

Assuming that you have any Latin business sectors in your space, they will no doubt stock something like a couple of assortments of the comal. In the event that you experience any difficulty finding them you can continuously arrange online.