Everything you need to Know How to buy durian

durian shop singapore

Durian is now a very famous beverage at a durian shop singapore. These are the fruits are has a huge variety in themselves and are cooked differently in every region. But no one has them at their party as a snack. Yet no one imagined that it would come out to be such a delicious snack.

Also,the texture of the durians is very distinct from any regular fruit. which apparently makes it quite difficult to buy. It is easier to have it home delivered at your place because the weight of durian fruit varies and can go up to 6kgs or more.

How to buy them?

 Purchasing durian is super easy as in si Singapore every local market has durian fruit with them but it can become quite complicated for you if you’re looking for some specific durian fruit.

Since durian is the only fruit that has a huge variety and almost 9 of them are eaten in every region and that’s why you can order it from duria 36. They’ll help you to find the specific during you were looking for and also will get them home delivered.  Duria 36 also provides excellent party services.

No matter how many people are going to be there or how many varieties you need the duria 36 will solve all your problems. Duria is highly becoming very popular in Singapore yet they are very much affordable. The durian party no longer just stick to the house warming parties.