What do you know about treating back pain without surgery?

Low back pain can generally be treated without surgery. Treatment for back pain involves using analgesics, reducing inflammation, restoring proper function and strength to the back, and preventing recurrence of the injury. Most people with back pain recover without functional loss. Contact a physician if there is not a noticeable reduction in back pain and inflammation after 72 hours of self-care.

Following are methods used to treat back pain:

Ice and heat. Even though the use of hot and cold compresses has not been scientifically proven to quickly resolve low back injury, compresses may help reduce pain and inflammation and allow greater mobility for some individuals. Back-healthy actions may include stretching exercises, swimming, walking, and movement therapy to increase coordination, develop proper posture and muscle balance. Yoga is another way to gently stretch muscles and ease pain. Any mild discomfort felt at the start of these exercises should disappear as muscles become stronger. However, if pain is more than mild and lasts longer than 15 minutes during exercise, stop exercising and contact a doctor.

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Medication. Medication Is often used as a treatment for severe and chronic low back pain. Effective pain relief may involve a combination of prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies. Check with a doctor before taking medication for pain relief. Certain medicines even those sold over the counter are unsafe during pregnancy, may conflict with other drugs, can cause side effects, or may lead to liver damage.

Along with easy aerobic exercise, massage might help too in certain conditions. Massage is excellent for the obvious reason but it is also good because it increases the number of endorphins in your body and endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers. They treating back pain without surgery make you feel good. Your husband or wife can massage you but it is even better if you use a professional massage therapist since they actually know what they are doing. So, there you have several quite easy procedures to help fight back pain without resorting to costly surgeries. A number of them might work better for you than others so it is important to mix and match until you find the ideal one’s for you and your spine.